Drawstring backpack

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A very practical item in our offer. A bag that serves as a backpack. It is versatile and extremely capacious, yet very lightweight. Extremely durable full-print. Individual design, created under the preferences of customers, so that it perfectly reflects the character of the company.

Key features

  • High quality, product of Polish production
  • Possibility of fullprinting
  • Customized design
  • Incredibly light
  • Dries quickly

Clients feedback

” Zawsze możemy liczyć na ciekawe i innowacyjne pomysły, które wspólnie wdrażamy. Wysoka jakość i pełen profesjonalizm tak w skrócie możemy mówić o naszym Sponsorze Technicznym. “

Rafał Dobrowolski

Unia Leszno S. S. A.

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