Ordering process

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1. Contact

Contact our sales department for expert advice on your clothes order.


Tel. 724-315-453

Emial: sportgangsporstwear@gmail.com


Order pricing

2. Order pricing

Give us your requirements based on the number of pieces and the specific items you want to order from us. With this information, we will prepare a comprehensive quote for you.

Uploading the project guidelines

3. Uploading the project guidelines

Send us guidelines to create a custom graphic design by our graphic designers.

* Specify the color scheme.

* Send graphic materials (logos), which will be one of the elements of the graphic design.

* If you have any, send us your inspiration, so that we can hit your tastes even more closely.

Clothes manufacturing/stitching

4. Clothes manufacturing/stitching

After you approve the final graphic design and final clothes sizing and article selection, we can start production.

Labeling and shipping

5. Labeling and shipping

Your clothes have already gone through the entire production process and are ready for labeling and final packaging.

The clothing prepared in this way is shipped to you.

Contact with us !

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